Scores/texts from works:

Group Study (2015) - Score PDF

17 Manifestos Manifested (2015) - Shout Poem PDF

17 Manifestos Manifested (2015) - Manifestos PDF

Dances With Purpose (2012) - Klingon script with English translation PDF

This is it (2011) - Song lyrics PDF

1998 (2008) - Script PDF

Texts by Matthias Sperling about works:

On 'The Movers' (2013) - from programme for 'Charming for the Revolution: A Congress for Gender Talents and Wildness', Tate Modern 2013 PDF

'Can the temporary leave a trace?' - on "Dynamic" (2012-14), for Theatrum Mundi 'Negotiating Spaces Salon Series', National Theatre 2013 LINK

On performing 'To hand' (2011) in 'Body & Void' at Henry Moore Foundation 2014 LINK


Interview with Matthias Sperling about Duet, Duet (2010) on LINK

Interview with Matthias Sperling about Minutes/The Collection (2009) with Dance UK LINK

Interview with Andréya Ouamba & Matthias Sperling on Diplomacy II (2009) PDF