“A kind of slow-motion gymnast… like a confused octopus.”
Studio International on Matthias Sperling’s work in Table of Contents at ICA

“…an aloof ice queen”
Londondance.com on Matthias Sperling in Pablo Bronstein’s Birth of Venus at ICA

“…a cross between a horrible pornography and Stars in Their Eyes”
audience member’s comment on This is it, quoted in Cloud Dance review

No-How Generator_Graphic by Victoria Ford

June 2020

I’m sending wishes of wellness, safety and support to you in these times of crisis, and my thanks to all those who are at the forefront of providing care of many kinds.

I’m now in the 3rd and final year of my artistic doctorate. My practice-based PhD research is supported thanks to AHRC funding from Midlands4Cities in partnership with Dance4 and Siobhan Davies Dance, and is based at De Montfort University.

Last autumn, I premiered my new work No-How Generator as part of a packed and buzzing Nottdance 2019, which I had the total pleasure to co-curate.

I also recently got to return to Stockholm to work with the brilliant Weld Company for a research week around my current work, with a public sharing at Weld that was followed by unannounced performances in public spaces in Stockholm.

Leading up to the premiere, my collaborator Katye Coe and I presented a work-in-progress performance of No-How Generator as part of Per/Forming Futures, a conference at Middlesex University (London) organised by Artistic Doctorates in Europe.

We also performed the work-in-progress at Eintanzhaus in Mannheim, Germany, and at Dance4’s iC4C in Nottingham. I also performed a solo version of this in New York as part of Dance from England at Future Oceans, APAP NYC 2019.

Before that, my science-fiction performance-lecture Now That We Know was back at Sadler’s Wells Lilian Baylis Studio, accompanied by a symposium with guest speakers to launch the ‘Institute of Neurochoreography’. You can find the archived live stream of the symposium here.

I also performed Now That We Know at De Montfort University in Leicester, and presented a research seminar with Guy Claxton at De Montfort’s CIRID (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Dance). You can find an audio recording of this event here.

Rachel Krische and I also recently performed our 2011 duet Do Not Be Afraid in Bologna, Italy, as part of Teatri di Vita’s Cuore d’Inghilterra festival.

An iteration of my solo installation Loop Atlas, first commissioned and performed in 2017 as part of the Siobhan Davies Dance group show material/ rearranged/ to/ be, has also continued to be shown: the video installation version, Loop Atlas IV, was part of the exhibition Pursuits of Happiness at De Montfort University’s The Gallery in Leicester.

In future plans, I’m very excited and grateful to announce that my science collaborator Guido Orgs has recently been awarded a major grant by the European Research Council that will support NEUROLIVE, an ambitious 5-year project that continues our research collaboration. This support will enable me to create 4 new choreographic works that artistically investigate the research questions, alongside a series of 5 one-week research workshops, all hosted by Siobhan Davies Dance. You can read more about this upcoming project here. Guido Orgs and I previously collaborated on a 2-year research project investigating the synchronous movement of groups, which led not only to the creation of my choreographic work Group Study, but also to my first co-authorship of scientific papers (available here and here) as an artist.

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