Matthias Sperling

Image of Do not Be Afraid choreographed by Matthias Sperling
Do Not Be Afraid_Photo by Neil Wissink


September 2014

This month, I’m excited to be making a new work commissioned by Leicester’s New Walk Museum & Art Gallery , which I’ll be performing there on October 2nd and 3rd. Curator Hugo Worthy has invited me to work in relationship to New Walk’s extraordinary German Expressionist collection - the largest in the UK - and the commission coincides with the launch of the new display Expressionism: The Total Artwork.

This month, I’ll also be performing To hand, a durational solo performance that Siobhan Davies and I made together in 2011, at the Henry Moore Foundation in Hertfordshire, as part of the exhibition Body & Void: Echoes of Moore in Contemporary Art. Click here to read a short piece I wrote about it for the Foundation, here to read the Guardian's review of the show and here for more images of To hand amongst the show's incredible collection of works by Henry Moore, Damien Hirst, Richard Deacon, Sarah Lucas and many others.

Also this month, you can catch the UK premiere of Turn Your F^*king Head, the documentary film of Deborah Hay’s final Solo Performance Commissioning Project, in which I participated. Along with 19 other dance artists from around the world, I commissioned Deborah Hay to create the solo choreographic score "Dynamic", which she transmitted to us during the intensive 10-day project documented by the film. I then began a practice of performing the score daily for a minimum of nine months, in a gradual process of developing my own adaptation of "Dynamic", which I first publicly performed at Tate Britain in November 2013.

Last month, it was great to take collaborative project Table of Contents to the Lenbachhaus Museum in Munich, Germany, following on from its earlier performances at the ICA (London), Tramway (Glasgow) and Arnolfini (Bristol). Table of Contents is a live performance and installation co-created by Siobhan Davies, Andrea Buckley, Helka Kaski, Rachel Krische, Charlie Morrissey and myself, each using our own history as choreographers and performers to question how dance is archived and how different art forms build on their own history.

Last but not least, I invite you to visit the online homes of my ongoing discussion project Dance So You Think You Can, first presented at Nottdance Festival 2013, inviting people to join in conversations about what dance is and about the relationship between dancing and thinking.

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“…a talented and generous artist.” Nicky Napier (Former Director, Dance4)

“Matthias is a very fine dancer and performer but this first solo work also demonstrates a strong choreographic mind.” Siobhan Davies (Artistic Director, Siobhan Davies Dance)