Matthias Sperling

Image of Do not Be Afraid choreographed by Matthias Sperling
Do Not Be Afraid_Photo by Neil Wissink


May 2016

Upcoming events:

What Remains... Festival - my contribution to this year’s WHAT festival is to curate and present a screening of the documentary film My name is Janez Janša followed by a talk, at Siobhan Davies Studios on May 21.

Taking Apart Togetherness - a lecture demonstration about my science research collaboration with cognitive neuroscientist Guido Orgs and social psychologist Daniel Richardson, at Siobhan Davies Studios on May 27.

The Running Tongue - UK premiere of the film installation co-directed by Siobhan Davies and David Hinton, for which I and 21 other choreographers devised imagery. At Sadler’s Wells Theatre as part of No Body from June 7-12.

My recent works, projects and collaborations include:

Effective Dance: healing procedure for a German Expressionist object (solo performance in museums)

Table of Contents (collaborative installation performance with Siobhan Davies Dance) with recent performances in London and Vienna

"Dynamic" (Deborah Hay solo adaptation) and Turn Your F^*king Head (documentary film of the project)

Dance So You Think You Can (discussion project in public spaces and online)

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“…a talented and generous artist.” Nicky Napier (Former Director, Dance4)

“Matthias is a very fine dancer and performer but this first solo work also demonstrates a strong choreographic mind.” Siobhan Davies (Artistic Director, Siobhan Davies Dance)