Matthias Sperling

Image of Do not Be Afraid choreographed by Matthias Sperling
Do Not Be Afraid_Photo by Neil Wissink


February 2016

My recent works, projects and collaborations are:

Effective Dance: healing procedure for a German Expressionist object (solo performance in museums)

Table of Contents (collaborative installation performance with Siobhan Davies Dance)

"Dynamic" (Deborah Hay solo adaptation) and Turn Your F^*king Head (documentary film of the project)

Dance So You Think You Can (discussion project in public spaces and online)

My other recent activities include co-hosting a panel discussion about my research collaboration with cognitive scientist Dr. Guido Orgs, with a fantastic panel of guests: Lutz Förster (Artistic Director, Tanztheater Wuppertal), Siobhan Davies (Artistic Director of Siobhan Davies Dance), Jonathan Cole (Clinical Neurophysiologist, Poole Hospital) and Annemieke Apergis-Schoute (Cognitive Neuroscientist, Cambridge University).

I participated in a residency at Barbican Art Gallery with Siobhan Davies and a great group of collaborators, as part of the exhibition Station to Station.

I really enjoyed being in conversation with the wonderful Marcus Coates at Sadler’s Wells for We Need To Talk.

It was also great to see the launch of two Siobhan Davies Dance projects that I’ve contributed to: the film installation work The Running Tongue, recently shown at a gallery in Sydney, and the publication Who Cares? Dance in the Gallery & Museum now available from Siobhan Davies Dance and museum bookshops.

I also enjoyed performing To hand in Granary Square as part of Unannounced Acts of Publicness.

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“…a talented and generous artist.” Nicky Napier (Former Director, Dance4)

“Matthias is a very fine dancer and performer but this first solo work also demonstrates a strong choreographic mind.” Siobhan Davies (Artistic Director, Siobhan Davies Dance)