Diplomacy II

Diplomacy II

Diplomacy II (2009)

Diplomacy II is a duet co-created and performed by Matthias Sperling and Senegal-based choreographer Andréya Ouamba. Commissioned by Dance Umbrella London, this duet invites the audience to share in an encounter between two artists, asking: how do we get beyond the diplomatic to a closer understanding of one another and our relationships? Grounded in improvisation, their encounter is an embodied, evolving process of communication and negotiation.

Andréya Ouamba and Matthias Sperling first met in 2007 through Woking Dance Festival's Dance Dialogues Programme. Following that introduction, they chose to continue collaborating together on a series of short projects and artistic exchanges, both in the UK and in Dakar, Senegal, which culminated in the creation of Diplomacy II.

Diplomacy II was commissioned by Dance Umbrella London with support from Tamaas Foundation and Canada Council for the Arts. With thanks to Eckhard Thiemann.

Duration: 15 minutes

Performances: Royal Opera House Clore Studio (London, UK); Tanztendenzen Festival (Greifswald, Germany)


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