The Movers

The Movers_Photo by Christa Holka

The Movers (2013)

The Movers is a performance conceived in collaboration between visual artist Carlos Motta and choreographer Matthias Sperling. The work attends to movement as a means of exploring the connections between collective politics and a sense of the individual. Based on a choreographic score of performative tasks that engage thirteen performers in individual decision-making processes, The Movers abstractly asks how self-determination is both a deeply personal project and continuously negotiated in relation to others.

The performers are a group of multi-disciplinary artists whose practices extend from performance to visual arts. What unites the performers is an interest in gender and sexual politics and a questioning ideas of gender performance by using movement and the body.

Performers: Ingo Andersson Wotever World, Jason Barker, Dan Daw, Simon Foxall, Fred Gehrig, Nia Hughes, Helka Kaski, Huai Chih Liang, Vicky Malin, Malinda Mukuma, Carlos Maria Romero, Mickel Smithen & Ebony Rose Dark

Performances: The Tanks at Tate Modern (London, UK), February 2, 2013. Part of Charming for the Revolution: A Congress for Gender Talents and Wildness

Duration: 20 minutes

The Movers was commissioned by Electra and Tate Modern with support from Creative Capital, part of Carlos Motta's project Gender Talents.

With thanks to Carlos Motta, Fatima Hellberg, Irene Revell, Stuart Comer, Fiontán Moran.


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Read text by Matthias Sperling on The Movers, from programme for Charming for the Revolution: A Congress for Gender Talents and Wildness PDF