"Dynamic"_Photo by Ana Escobar

"Dynamic" (2012-2014)

[How to say the title of this dance when saying it to another person(s): First turn your head right or left before turning back to say "Dynamic"]

Sperling co-commissioned Deborah Hay to create this solo choreographic score, alongside 19 other artists participating in the 2012 Solo Performance Commissioning Project (SPCP). After working together for 10 days to learn the score, he began the independent process of performing the score as a daily practice for a minimum of nine months, to develop his personal adaptation of it. Though the choreographic score always remains the same, the precise movements that manifest it do not. Each time he performs it, Sperling's movement arises from a live negotiation with his perceived relationship with himself, his audience, the space where he is dancing and each passing moment.

Deborah Hay is an American choreographer and one of the key artists to emerge from the historic Judson Dance Theatre in the 1960s. Hay's experimental methods have developed over more than five decades, offering radical new perspectives on the possibilities of choreography.  deborahhay.com

Matthias Sperling gratefully acknowledges the support of Siobhan Davies Dance and Dance4 for his commissioning and adaptation of "Dynamic", with thanks to Independent Dance and Bodysurf Scotland for jointly hosting the Solo Performance Commissioning Project.

Choreography and Direction: Deborah Hay

Adaptation and Performance: Matthias Sperling

In memory of Gill Clarke 1954–2011

Performances: Tate Britain (London, UK); De Montfort University (Leicester, UK).


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